Which shisha hoses are there and what suits you?

Hello dear M. ROSENFELD Community!
My name is Alex and I would like to introduce you to the topic of hoses today.
I will introduce you to the most well-known hoses and explain the individual advantages and disadvantages. I hope this makes your purchase decision easier.

The imitation leather hoses are the classic, they have been part of the shisha history from the beginning. There are many different patterns and shapes. They go well with traditional whistles but have many disadvantages. They have a coiled wire over which a plastic tube is pulled. The whole thing is again covered with an artificial leather. If you value hygiene, make sure that the hose you choose is washable, otherwise it will rust inside after a short time. Dirt also sticks very easily, and you always have the taste of the tobacco you smoked last security.

silicone hose:
These hoses are perfect for everyone! You can buy them in any color and length. Due to the large variety of hoses, they fit on every mouthpiece and on every hose adapter. When buying, however, you should make sure that the silicone is food safe, if this is the case there is no need to worry. These hoses are very easy to wash out and the taste does not linger after proper cleaning. I also recommend that you pay attention to whether the hoses were produced domestically, since the processing of foreign hoses is often very poor and they have a chemical smell. You should also make sure that transparent silicone hoses turn slightly yellowish after prolonged use. They have a long lifespan and are therefore my favorite! book-warehouse

Sleeved silicone hose:
For the most part, the sleeved silicone hoses have the same properties as normal silicone hoses. The difference between the two is that the sleeved hoses are mostly covered with a braided nylon. This strengthens the stability and this creates a great pattern that spices it up optically a lot!

coffeehouse hose:
As the name suggests, this type of hose is often used in hookah bars. They are similar in structure to the artificial leather hose. If the hose has a genuine leather sheath, it must not be washed out under any circumstances! You can only clean them with air and tapping. Visually, they are a real eye-catcher and fit well as decoration.

For the gamers among you, this hose is only recommended. The gamer hose allows you to use the shisha during a longer gamer session, where you usually need both hands. Due to the special structure, the hose can be bent into any shape and thus perfectly adapted to your neck. So you can finish smoking your shisha in peace and successfully win the round!
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