Zomo Tobacco

Zomo Tobacco - high-quality shisha tobacco from South America

The tobacco from Paraguay is produced with great care and stored in oak barrels. Connoisseurs believe that the South American temperament can be found in every variety of Zomo Tabacco. The tobacco has finally been available on the German market since 2018. So you no longer have to do without the intense taste and varied aromas that make up the Zomo Tobacco. During production, special attention is paid to high quality. Above all, great importance is attached to the environmental friendliness of the product. This begins with the domestic raw materials. That's why you can't call Zomo a simple tobacco producer. The variety of fresh tobacco from the Zomo brand is in demand all over the world. Zomo Tobacco offers a variety of tasty flavors for a unique Shiaha smoking experience. You can find the tastiest varieties here in our online shop. 

Purity & variety - that's what distinguishes Zomo Tabacco

The unique taste experience comes about through the first-class aromas in the fine tobacco cut. With a pleasant humidity, the smoking experience becomes even more pleasant. It is not without reason that Zomo is the most successful shisha tobacco brand of its continent of origin, South America, whose temperament and joie de vivre are contained in every variety. 
But Zomo Tobacco is not only perfect for tasteful adventure trips because of its origin: In addition to standard varieties such as blueberries, whose individual aroma can be found in Blu tobacco, there are new and creative flavor combinations such as watermelon-mint, found here under the name Wtmln Mnt. Other varieties such as Wild Africa tobacco are based on the tastes of tropical fruits from other countries. The selected creations inspire with long-lasting enjoyment and a taste full of character. All high-quality tobacco varieties used as a basis bring the typical sweet taste to every flavor, which combines wonderfully with the other aromas. Zomo Tobacco is available in four lines, each with many trendy varieties.

Each Zomo Tabacco Line is an ultimate flavor package

Each flavor line stands for its own fresh taste experience.
The Classic Line includes particularly original and pure ingredients that you can clearly taste in the aromas. The variety of varieties ranges from fruits to spices, which means that the flavors can sometimes taste a bit oriental, such as Spiced Chy tobacco. Just the thing for enjoying authentic natural flavors! The high-quality Burley tobacco used in the Strong Line flavors allows the flavors of this line to be perceived even more strongly. In its connection with the flavors used, it also brings its own touch to each flavor. Thanks to the additional refinement with black cane sugar, the varieties also offer experienced shisha smokers an enriching taste journey.
The cool varieties of the Splash Line all have a slight ice note and can therefore provide the necessary refreshment, especially on warm days. Based on the taste of soda drinks, these varieties impress with their sparkling and fresh character, such as the Splash Lim tobacco. In terms of taste, products from the World Line lead in exotic directions around the world, such as the Mystery of Bali tobacco. Fruity and tropical, this takes you on a taste journey to a wide variety of countries. Let yourself be carried away into the strong flavor world of Zomo Tobacco!

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