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Order high-quality & inexpensive products for shishas in the M.ROSENFELD online shop

Accessories for shishas in the online shop M.ROSENFELD offers high quality at fair prices. The M.ROSENFELD team also consists of passionate shisha smokers who know what is important for first-class smoking pleasure. Long-term customer satisfaction is more important here than short-term profits. The online shop M.ROSENFELD wants to stand out from the competition through quality and compliance with all German and European safety and environmental standards. The aim is to make first-class enjoyment possible for all shisha smokers thanks to low prices - we call this principle "Affordable Premium".

Accessories for shishas in the M.ROSENFELD online shop

The range is small but fine. Here you can get high-quality products for excellent shisha enjoyment. The charcoal from our online shop is the best you can currently get on the market. It has a very long burning time of around 100 minutes and its smoke emission when it is lit is very low. It is 100% natural charcoal made from coconut shells. The charcoal is available in different sizes. You can find other accessories in the form of shisha bowls, mouthpieces, charcoal lighters, shisha tongs and hose adapters. Also discover our practical sets that we have put together for you. We have special offers for the catering sector, so that you will be able to enjoy our high-quality products in more and more shisha bars in the future.

The M.ROSENFELD promise

Being able to offer high-quality products and accessories for shishas at low prices in the online shop M.ROSENFELD is the concern of the online retailer. All products and accessories for shishas from the M.ROSENFELD online shop are subjected to strict quality controls before they are offered to customers. You can recognize the products by their high quality, the minimalist design and the fair price-performance ratio. There are no frills in the high-quality products. Clean shapes and a lot of love for enjoyment can be seen in all items from the online shop. Your order will be shipped quickly and free of charge. In addition to a right of withdrawal of 30 days, reliable support is available around the clock.

Discover accessories & shapely products for shishas in the online shop M.ROSENFELD

Browse through our online shop and get an idea of ​​our high-quality range. You'll quickly discover how we set ourselves apart from the competition.
Are you avid shisha smokers? Then we look forward to welcoming you as a customer soon. Become part of our community and get to know the other members. Exchange ideas and test our latest developments. Together we will ensure that your smoking pleasure is even better. Join us on this exciting journey.

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