Buy high-quality products in a set for hookahs

Buy high-quality products in a set for hookahs

M.ROSENFELD is known as an online shop for shisha accessories for its high-quality, practical and elegantly designed products. We have put together great sets for beginners, those switching to hookahs and for shisha friends who want to make friends happy with our products. You can buy different sets for friends or your own shisha. We not only offer you a harmonious combination of products in the sets, but you also save money if you buy the accessories in a set. We offer our sets at attractive special prices in our online shop.

Buy charcoal lighters & charcoal for hookahs - in a set at M.ROSENFELD at a special price

The 100 watt BLACK HEAT charcoal lighter complements the COCOSOUL shisha charcoal wonderfully. If you want to buy this set for your shisha, you will also receive accessories for the coal and the lighter, such as a coal sieve, coal tongs and the instructions for use.
The BLACK HEAT charcoal lighter is perfect for natural charcoal, which we supply to you at COCOSOUL. Not only the natural charcoal from COCOSOUL can be made to glow wonderfully with the BLACK HEAT charcoal lighter, but also charcoal and bamboo charcoal as well as coconut charcoal from other manufacturers can be reliably heated with the electric device.

Buy a set with practical accessories for hookahs - enjoy with style with the accessories from M.ROSENFELD

With the complete set, consisting of a white tobacco bowl and charcoal grid and a sieve with a silicone handle, you are well prepared for extensive smoking sessions. If you want to buy this set for your shisha, you will experience an intense taste experience - without scratching your throat. The depth and shape of the head allows for maximum flavor and smoking pleasure.
If you decide to buy this set for your shisha, you can start “shishering” quickly and with little effort.

Buy our savings set for hookahs

The stylish, handcrafted Spanish shisha head comes with a hose set, which consists of a glass mouthpiece and a silicone hose. If you want to buy the savings set for shishas, ​​you not only benefit from a price advantage, the tape head offers no space for waste and promises full shisha enjoyment.

Another savings set that you can buy for your shisha also consists of the clay head. In addition, there are charcoal tongs and 3 kg of COCOSOUL charcoal.

Our third savings set, which we offer you to buy for your shisha, consists of a hose system and COCOSOUL coal.

Our smallest savings set, which you can buy from us for your shisha, consists of the handmade, Spanish clay bowl and one kilogram of COCOSOUL charcoal.

Buy a discount set for shishas - practical and high-quality from the M.ROSENFELD online shop

In addition to the sets mentioned above, we have two other set combinations in our online range. If you want to buy accessories for hookahs, you can't avoid coal. So that the endeavor with the charcoal does not cloud the anticipation of smoking, we also include our BLACK HEAT charcoal lighter and the natural charcoal from COCOSOUL in this set. With this charcoal and the lighter you can get the charcoal glowing in less than 10 minutes with a stepless temperature controller. The electronics are high quality and tested. The insulated and sufficiently long cable is just a safety feature. Short circuits and overheating are not to be expected with a double protection system using an iso-plate and the thermostat.

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