CocoSoul - Natural charcoal cubes made from coconut shells

A shisha itself may be visually appealing and must meet high requirements. High quality plays an important role for enjoyable consumption, accessories such as the quality of the charcoal are also important, otherwise the taste literally spoils and there is no enjoyment. The manufacturer CocoSoul is a specialist in shisha charcoal. We only offer our customers this charcoal for shishas in our online shop. Good taste, environmental friendliness and consistently high quality are three criteria that characterize CocoSoul products. From our own experience and to the best of our conscience, we only recommend CocoSoul coconut charcoal to our customers, as from our expert point of view it is currently the best charcoal for hookahs that can be bought on the market. A selection of different quantity units of natural charcoal from coconut shells is available in our online shop.

CocoSoul - natural charcoal for more enjoyment when smoking shisha

CocoSoul makes natural charcoal from coconut shells that are easy to light. The burning time of around 100 minutes allows smoking pleasure for over one and a half hours with little smoke development. In addition, the natural charcoal from CocoSoul is tasteless and preserves the actual taste when vaping. Ash generation is low and the ash is biodegradable. CocoSoul charcoal is available online in various quantities, ideal for the individual needs of the buyer. Those who prefer small quantities should buy the 1 kg cube with 64 individual cubes. Customers who need larger quantities can, for example, purchase the charcoal cube weighing 5 kg, with this offer you can even save a lot, because our customers receive 5 kg of shisha charcoal for the price of 4 kg of charcoal if the cubes are individually 1 kg each would be bought. For commercial buyers there is a special package that includes a quantity of 20 1kg packs of 64 charcoal cubes each; The gastropack is suitable for use in shisha bars, among other things.

Shisha charcoal lighter for hookahs buy in the M.ROSENFELD online shop

For enjoyable vaping you need, among other things, a reliable shisha charcoal lighter. A charcoal lighter is considered an essential part of your personal shisha range.
Since M.ROSENFELD designs and manufactures its own hookah products, we can also offer our customers a hookah charcoal lighter made in-house. Based on our own ideas of what makes a good shisha charcoal lighter, the product was optimized for our own production in terms of function, design and ease of use. Compared to charcoal lighters from other manufacturers, we have developed a real premium product that outshines the products we have known so far in terms of durability and quality, design and price. Our premium shisha charcoal lighters for water pipes, which are offered in the M. ROSENFELD online shop, are characterized by their elegant appearance and high performance.

If you want to buy a water pipe, you should buy a charcoal lighter for water pipes in our online shop so that you can start well prepared. Buying a complete set, for example, is also suitable for beginners. We have carefully put together sets including basic accessories, such as charcoal lighters, etc. for water pipes in the online shop.

Shisha charcoal lighter & other accessories for water pipes in the M.ROSENFELD online shop

M. ROSENFELD presents the hookah charcoal lighters "BLACK HEAT" and "FIRE TOWER". During in-house production, attention was paid to robust materials, durability, quick functional deployment and a stylish design.

The "BLACK HEAT" achieves an output of 1000 watts in 5 to 9 minutes; the temperature is continuously adjustable. The modern charcoal lighter is equipped with a 145 cm long cable and comes with instructions from the hookah online shop. This is the optimal lighter for natural charcoal.
Alternatively, there is the "FIRE TOWER", which heats the charcoal extremely quickly and has other practical properties. For example, the detachable handle of the black and gold lighter can also be used as a charcoal bowl, lighter handle and tongs. These well thought-out extra tools can be used, among other things, to avoid annoying burn marks caused by glowing ashes. But the extra-long power cable and the fixed rubber feet also offer convenient advantages over lighters from other manufacturers.  
We are happy to support our customers with competent and committed advice when purchasing accessories for water pipes from the online shop M. ROSENFELD. It is important to know which criteria play a role for consumers in enjoying shisha smoking and which facts inexperienced customers need to consider so that they buy the right accessories for the water pipe.

Own production & hookah online shop - buy exquisite hookah accessories

Quality comes first when buying a hookah. If you want to buy a water pipe, you should also pay attention to the number of people smoking and the number of hoses. The size should also be considered when you decide to buy a water pipe.
But quality and functionality are also important for shisha accessories. For the upscale smoking pleasure, we also focus on a minimalist design. Shisha charcoal lighters and other accessories for water pipes from the online shop M.ROSENFELD offer all the properties for perfect, comfortable and enjoyable shisha smoking. At M. ROSENELD you can buy high-quality and stylish accessories for your water pipe, which have been optimized in-house by passionate shisha connoisseurs.

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