High-quality products from the Shisha Shop

High-quality products from M. ROSENFELD's shisha shop

High shisha quality that is affordable for everyone - that was Michael Spitsyn's vision. So he set himself the task of building a quality brand for shishas with his own products and lounges. He brought on board Raphael, who is responsible for product design and development, social media management and customer support, and assistant Diana Gize. All three are full of curiosity and creativity, have a wealth of knowledge and experience and share a passion for smoking shisha.

Discover the M. ROSENFELD hookah shop

In the M. ROSENFELD shisha shop you can get charcoal, shisha bowls, mouthpieces, charcoal lighters and other high-quality accessories for the shisha that you need for relaxed enjoyment. In addition, the Shisha Shop M. ROSENFELD has put together some practical sets for you. There are also special offers for commercial buyers. The Shisha Shop consists of a small but fine range that is constantly being expanded and improved. Here you get high-quality products that allow a high smoking pleasure.

Made a virtue out of necessity

A disappointing evening led to the founding of the online shop. Once again, a charcoal lighter broke, which meant that Michael Spitsyn had to do without smoking a shisha in a relaxed atmosphere that evening. "There has to be a better way," he thought, and set about developing his own products that would ensure a longer life expectancy. In order to ensure the quality of the products from the M. ROSENFELD hookah shop, all items are put through their paces. After its production, each product must first undergo a detailed test to determine its functionality and any defects. This is the only way to ensure that you as a customer are always technically and visually satisfied with your product and do not have to experience any disappointment yourself. Because all items are produced in-house, M. ROSENFELD is independent of the competition. In addition to the high quality, compliance with all German and European safety and environmental standards is a must for the shisha shop. Your customers should be satisfied in the long term, so short-term high profits are irrelevant.

Good reasons to shop in the M. ROSENFELD hookah shop

M. ROSENFELD stands for high-quality products in an elegant design that are available at fair prices. All products are subject to strict quality controls and undergo extensive testing before being offered for sale to customers. The Shisha Shop works according to the "Affordable Premium" principle, i. H. all high-quality products from the shisha shop are available at an affordable price. There are no unnecessary frills in M. ROSENFELD products. The products are designed in such a way that they attract attention with their simple design and great attention to detail.

M. ROSENFELD constantly strives for improvement

The word standstill is alien to the M. ROSENFELD team. New products are constantly being developed that give customers even more shisha pleasure. Members of the M. ROSENFELD VIP Club can vote on which product development the team should focus on next. This regularly results in above-average high-quality shisha products that are available at affordable prices. All members who have voted for the development of the new product will have the opportunity to purchase it at a discount of up to 90% when it is launched. You can follow the progress of the respective product development in M. ROSENFELD's blog.

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