My vision was to build a widely used and valued quality hookah brand with its own hookah products and hookah lounges. Affordable premium quality for all hookah fans!

Michael Spitsyn



We stand for quality, elegant minimalist design and

best value for our customers.

  • Tested premium quality

    All our products undergo strict quality controls before being offered to customers. High quality is our standard.

  • Fair prices

    Following the "Affordable Premium" principle, we offer high-quality and well thought-out products at affordable prices.

  • Stylish Design

    The design of our various products is characterized by little frills, clean shapes and attention to detail.

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  • "My why" From disappointment to the solution

    In the middle of the evening my charcoal lighter gave up the ghost. Again mood drop and no shisha on the evening with the boys. I was disappointed. Yet again. That should be better. Such a lighter has to last longer than 2 months!

    I decided not to experience this situation again. For this I had screwed on the common lighters myself in my living room and put them through their paces. Then I started looking for the causes of the error and solutions for it. And there were quite a few that I discovered!

    After my test and consultation with trained electricians, I knew I could create a much better product. A product that can clearly beat the competition in terms of durability, design and comfort.

  • Own quality check

    Above-average quality is just as important to us as customer satisfaction. Each individual M. ROSENFELD product is tested for functionality and visual defects during and after production. The customer should get a functional and beautiful product. That's the least we can give.

  • Own production

    In-house production and independent of the competition. we focus on quality and compliance with safety and environmental standards in Germany and Europe.
    Long-term customer satisfaction for all shisha fans instead of short-term profits, that's our attitude!

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Our next releases

The special thing about us: we develop our new products for our customers and let the customers determine what comes next on the market. Each of you can send us your wishes/ideas or vote for existing ideas here:

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We are a team of curious and creative minds with a large pool of knowledge and experience and a passion for smoking shisha.

  • Michael Spitsyn

    President, Chairman of the Board

  • Olena Usachova

    Senior Visual Designer

  • Danylo Spitsyn

    Director of Finance and Strategy

  • Nadiya Spitsyna

    Head of Customer Experience and Retention

  • Luke Skipper

    Director of Social Media Strategy

  • Serhiy Yaremenko

    COO +CEO

  • Ivan Mikuliak

    Director of Global Project Management

  • Anton Protsenko

    Head of Product Development, USA

  • Anastasia Kravchuk

    Senior Procurement Specialist

  • Anna Mostova

    Senior Strategic Sourcing Manager

  • Sergey Kiryushin

    Creative Lead, Graphic Design

  • Nikita Sholohov

    E-commerce Systems Manager

  • Veronika Bespavlova

    Client Success Manager

  • Maxim Pysarchuk

    Business Manager, European Operations

  • Pavlo Koniaha

    Digital Advertising Specialist

  • Artem Stepanenko

    Senior Strategic Sourcing Manager

  • Marta Music

    Creative Designer, 3D Design

  • Diana Brodskaja

    Chief Accountant

  • Buina Kateryna

    Senior Financial Analyst

  • Chornyi Dmytro

    Lead 3D Artist