Ignite shisha charcoal. What is the best way?

Hello dear M. ROSENFELD Community,

My name is Christian and I want to help you a little from today so that you can get along better with the whole shisha scene.

Let's start today with the topic of charcoal lighters.

There are 2 different types of lighters, a normal electric lighter and 2. a gas burnersecurity

In my opinion, the perfect electric lighter is a tower, because the coals go on much better and faster there, you only have to turn them once after 5 minutes and then after a total of 7 minutes they are completely ready and you can use them for the perfect pipe. But there are also plates that I find perfect when we hit several whistles, I always use the plate because you can turn on more coals than on the tower. Every electric lighter has its advantages, you always have to see for yourself what you need best for yourself.

Then to the gas burner which is best used outside because where else can you find electricity outside ;)
Since I often smoke outside, I also use a gas burner, of course. But I would never use it inside because it just takes a little longer with gas and you smell this gas smell in the apartment at the beginning, which is not very nice.

So tip for you if you smoke inside then get an electric lighter and for outside a gas burner.
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