Which hookah to buy? Aluminum, brass or stainless steel?

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Which hookah is worth buying and are the advantages and disadvantages of the material?security-systems

Brass pipes are relatively cheap (price range from about 50 €), of course there are exceptions, for the first time it has a very positive effect. However, brass also likes to take on the taste of the tobacco, but it is a disadvantage if you want to smoke several different types of tobacco with it, but it can also be an advantage if it is e.g

Aluminum pipes are also relatively inexpensive (price range approx. €50-150), which are very light and available with different color coatings.
At first glance it might be, but if you think about it, don't, because you have to be aware that if a scratch gets in, it's much more noticeable if it were just aluminum. Aluminum is a soft metal, so it's also more prone to scratches and Co.

With these pipe variants, however, you have to consider that they oxidize relatively quickly in the base and in the smoke column, which can be recognized by a so-called "pimple formation".

Stainless steel pipe hind heavier but also more massive and not so prone to scratches
In terms of price, however, they are often higher, with pipes with good workmanship they start at around 150 €

is our conclusion Do we now recommend?

For all normal use would always recommend a stainless steel whistle as it is just an all rounder, you can take it anywhere as the whistle comes and goes in different sizes

Now I can also recommend a brass pipe for people who just want to smoke a tobacco, as this absorbs the taste and the taste is more intense afterwards.

Buying the right hookah - tips for choosing hookah from the
There is more to smoking shisha than buying the right hookah. Accessories are also crucial for the best possible experience. we ourselves have experienced how inferior accessories for hookahs come from a

Which hookah to buy?
Hookahs are made of different materials. Aluminum, brass, stainless steel - all have their advantages and disadvantages. Brass and aluminum hookahs are relatively cheap. Stainless steel models are slightly more expensive. The downside of brass is that it quickly takes on the flavor of the smoked tobacco, leading to a flavor bias when you're smoking flavored tobacco. Although aluminum hookahs are very light, they are also more prone to scratches. The color coating is also lost more or less quickly depending on the frequency of use. In addition, shishas made of brass or aluminum oxidize quickly in the base and in the smoke column, which can lead to the formation of unsightly pimples. Stainless steel neither takes on the taste of the tobacco nor does it oxidize. A water pipe made of stainless steel - therefore an all-rounder that hardly causes any problems. With regular care, a stainless steel shisha offers the full taste experience, and it also has a long life expectancy. For an extra intense flavor experience, if you decide to smoke the same tobacco, it can probably make sense to buy a hookah that is made out of brass.

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