M ROSENFELD Durable and portable hookah set with all the trimmings

If you are looking for the perfect compact and efficient, durable and portable Hookah Set are, then you have found it.

This set is small, but it contains absolutely all the necessary components, such as glass vase, white clay bowl, steel stem, diffuser, mouthpiece, silicone hose and tongs. The size of this model makes it very convenient to take with you everywhere, e.g. B. for hiking or traveling.

After a long hike, when all the tents are already set up and the fire is burning, on which the food is safely prepared, you want to relax as much as possible and enjoy the moment. At that time there is a lack of hookahs nearby, isn't it?

Imagine how surprised your friends will be when you get a complete mini hookah set. You will be the center of attention immediately. And everyone will be even more amazed when they find out that it is ready for use, because it is difficult to imagine that such a small device can function like a real, full-fledged hookah. But in fact it is exactly what it is.

The assembly system of this hookah kit is so thoughtful and simple that it is impossible to assemble it in more than 2 minutes. To heat a good quality charcoal to a sufficient temperature, you need an average of 8 minutes. From this it can be concluded that you need only 10 minutes to fully commission the device.

Speaking of good charcoal, it's worth noting that the set also includes quality charcoal and flavorings. Another innovation is the improved chamber system. So of course you will also experience a visual pleasure watching the beautiful circulation of the smoke in a glass vase.

M ROSENFELD has created a complete hookah set for you from materials that will serve you well and will never spoil. The glass from which the vase is made is shatterproof.

The assembly




Although assembling a hookah may seem like a very difficult task at first, you will now see that this is not the case at all.

The mechanism consists of the following parts: a bowl in which the smoke is created, a saucer that protects the bottom from falling hot coals, a chute, which is a long metal or glass construction for cooling the smoke, a valve that releases the bitter Smoke removed from the flask, a hose that directs the smoke from the source to the consumer, the mouthpiece, which is an individual nozzle at the end of the hose for each, the flask, in which the smoke is cleaned and cooled.

How does the hookah work?

When the glowing charcoal is placed in the bowl of the pipe, it begins to heat the tobacco. A reaction occurs releasing smoke which then runs down the hookah chute and cools down a bit. Then a bottle with cold liquid is waiting for him. Here the smoke reaches the right temperature for safe inhalation. From the bottle, the smoke enters the human lungs through the tube.

Now you know everything to easily assemble a hookah yourself.


This mechanism is not very complicated, but very well thought out. You have to think everything through to correctly calculate the size of each detail, because even if the shaft is a little shorter than necessary, the smoke can already burn the person who inhales it. Although a hookah is usually a big and long thing, M ROSENFELD was able to create a perfectly designed model that is easy to carry.

So if you're still lugging a huge set on your hikes, remember that you can get a compact, efficient, durable, and portable hookah set right here, right now. It will make your life much easier and give you the opportunity to enjoy excellent tobacco smoke wherever you are.

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