Shisha smoking - this is how it works

Enjoy the moment of anticipation of the first bubble. Because your water pipe is ready for the first puff in just a few simple steps.

Your Glass – Your enjoyment

Fill the bowl with enough cold water so that the column stands about 3 - 4 cm in the water. Insert the column with the seal, put on the ash tray and connect the hoses with the hose seals. Then at the other end the mouthpieces start, so that enjoyment remains a clean affair for everyone. You're ready for the tobacco. 

Loosen it up a bit and put it in the tobacco bowl and don't press it down. The bowl should be about three quarters full. Then put on the metal sieve and press the tabs on the tobacco container for a secure hold. Now that Head place it on top of the column with the appropriate seal.

Because when smoking glowing coals are in play (usually 3 of them), the tobacco head must be tight and must not tilt. With an electric charcoal lighter, glowing through is safe, quick and easy.

The glowing Money is surrounded by a layer of white ash?

Then the time is ideal to transport them safely into the metal sieve with charcoal tongs. After a few puffs without inhaling, the bowl fills with smoke and the relaxing time with your water pipe can begin.

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