This is how you give your shisha the right steam

Your shisha session only becomes a really chilled event when enough smoke develops. In this article you will find out how you can improve the draft and what can be the reason if your water pipe does not produce enough steam.

The perfect shisha pleasure - small mistakes in the preparation can be quickly corrected

Even experienced shisha smokers have it happen again and again that the tobacco is pushed too much into the head. It is better if you put the material very loosely into the head and clean it thoroughly again and again so that the holes remain free. Also keep an eye on the water level in your bowl. If the pipe is an index finger's width in the water, everything is perfect. If you're using aluminum foil, you can increase smoke production by poking more holes. Sometimes it's just the ball that has to be removed afterwards to clear the way for the steam.

Are you basically satisfied with the draft, but would you like to optimize it to the maximum? Experienced connoisseurs then go one step further and see the shisha as a whole. In this way, it is easy to see where the smoke still has to overcome obstacles. Some then even feel for a new molasses catcher in a different shape and size.

Let yourself be inspired by this article to get to know your shisha and its function inside out. We wish you lots of fun.

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