How old do you have to be to start smoking a hookah?

   The hookah smoking trend started with mankind. It is not a social taboo that you can find hookah bars in almost every corner of your neighborhood. After the covid19, the trend for smoking shisha shifted into your own four walls, where you can enjoy a shisha on the sofa.
The hookah smoking trend started with mankind. It's not a social taboo that you can find hookah bars in almost every corner of your neighborhood. It is smoked after filling the hookah headset with flavored tobacco. After the covid19, the hookah smoking trend moved around the house, enjoying a tobacco hookah on the sofa.
These questions are asked in Germany: At what age can you start smoking shisha? Is a hookah more harmful or healthier than a cigarette? There are different opinions and answers to these questions. We give you an overview:

   Legal age to start smoking hookah
In Germany there is a lot of discussion about the fact that smoking shisha is legal from the age of 14 or 16 - a misconception. The sale and purchase of nicotine products is subject to the provisions of the Youth Protection Act. The shisha is something completely different: it is made of glass and metal. It is also forbidden under the Youth Protection Act for all minors. The tobacco treated flavor used for smoking is harmful.
Before 2016, any person could buy hookah, e-shisha, flavors and e-cigarettes. On April 1, 2016, the German legislature passed a strict law on the marketing of hookah smoking. You can smoke shisha if you are over 18 years old.

Is hookah harmful to health?
Many hookah lovers still ask the question, is hookah harmful to health. If you smoke shisha addicted, it damages your lungs. That is why we explain this topic in connection with the Youth Protection Act.

   It is the top priority of every country to save its young generation from drug addiction. Most hookah tobacco contains nicotine, so its dangerous effects are comparable to alcohol consumption. Shisha smoking is only allowed for certain age groups.
Some people believe that the younger generation can smoke hookah earlier. The question often arises in their heads, is shisha healthy or is nicotine harmful? Certain tobaccos are available without nicotine. These shisha variants are electronic hookahs that are prohibited by law for people under the age of 18.
There are certain hookah flavors in the form of hookah gum that tastes like chewing the gum. Other nicotine-containing bubbles used in place of smoking are also dangerous. Nicotine is harmful to the health of minors.

   Hookah smoking causes health problems
Hookah tobacco is deadly to health. It causes heart problems, e.g. B. increased blood pressure, stroke and heart attack. If you smoke hookah habitually and for a long time, it can cause cancer and lung diseases.
Hookah smoking often spreads oral diseases. They smoke shisha socially and suck on the same pipe with the same mouthpiece. This helps transmit infectious herpes from one person's mouth to another. Excessive hookah smoking often affects fertility.

   In short: hookah is harmful to health. Nevertheless, many people ask the question at what age they can smoke a hookah. According to the provisions of the Youth Protection Act, you can smoke shisha from the age of 18. This law was passed on April 1, 2016. The sale and purchase of nicotine-containing products is prohibited for persons under the age of 18.

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