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Buy a shisha hose - we will help you with the selection

Before you can buy a shisha hose, you should be clear about which hose is the right choice for your shisha. Shisha hoses are available in different versions. All have their advantages and disadvantages. You should therefore briefly deal with this matter when looking for the right shisha hose.

We make it easy for you by briefly presenting the most well-known variants below.

Buying a hookah hose - is faux leather a good choice?

Imitation leather hoses are classic shisha hoses. They consist of a coiled wire covered by a plastic layer and an imitation leather tube. These hoses go very well with traditional hookahs. However, they have some disadvantages in terms of hygiene. They are not that easy to clean and if the wire chosen is not suitable for washing then it will quickly rust. In addition, a synthetic leather hose quickly takes on the taste of the tobacco, which can affect the taste of the smoke.

Silicone hose - a proven alternative

A silicone hose is actually always a good choice. They are available in a wide variety of lengths and colors, which means that they can be adapted to every need. Silicone hoses are easy to clean and do not take on the taste of the smoked tobacco. However, you should make sure that the hose was ideally produced in Germany. Then you can be sure of high-quality workmanship and a long service life.

Buy a sleeved silicone shisha hose

A sleeved silicone hose offers all the positive properties of a silicone hose and is additionally covered with braided nylon. This makes it even more stable and versatile.

Coffee house hose - optically very nice

In shisha bars, coffeehouse hoses are mostly used. These are very similar to leatherette hoses. But they are also available in a version with real leather. These must not be washed out, otherwise the leather will be damaged. They are very difficult to clean with air and tapping. However, they look very nice and of high quality.

Gaming hose - perfect for gamers

If you like to gamble and don't want to do without the enjoyment of the shisha, you should buy a gaming shisha hose. These hoses can be bent into any shape and placed around the neck. So you have both hands free during the game and can still pull on your shisha in between.

Which shisha hose to buy?

Which shisha hose you ultimately choose depends on your needs and ideas. All variants have their advantages and disadvantages, which you should weigh against each other before making your choice. If you have any questions about choosing the right shisha hose or would like more detailed purchasing advice, please feel free to contact us. We want everyone to be able to experience a perfect smoking pleasure. So all the conditions should be right.

Buy a shisha hose from M.ROSENFELD

At M.ROSENFELD we offer you high-quality shisha products at a fair price. With us you equip yourself in the best possible way, so that you can be sure of a high-quality smoking pleasure. As a special highlight, for example, we have our carbon shisha hose on offer. Not only does it look great, in combination with our premium mouthpiece it also offers excellent draft for optimal smoke development and draw strength. We also equip you with other accessories in the best possible way. Our carefully selected range stands for high quality and elegance. We are constantly developing our products and working closely with our customers. This way we can respond to your wishes in the best possible way and make your shisha enjoyment even better.

Discover our diverse selection and experience a special treat that you have never enjoyed before.

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