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Shisha Phunnel Head Black

Shisha Phunnel Head Black

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  • Great design – The eye smokes. Beautiful colours and slim shapes make a good figure with any water pipe. Each piece is handmade and unique. Shisha head phunnel for true connoisseurs.
  • 👍 Suitable for any tobacco – whether tobacco, money, stones, steam stones -> with this head shisha you can smoke everything without draught problems. Molasses are collected, no molasses catcher required.
  • Clean shisha: the tobacco does not lie on the holes, the molasses do not flow through the smoke column and stays in the head. This keeps your hookah shisha nice and clean without annoying cleaning.
  • Easy set - simply place the hookah tobacco around the hole in the single hole head. Aluminium foil, foil, HMD, shisha smokebox or lotus with shisha charcoal on it, wait 3 minutes and smoke well
  • Lots of smoke – thanks to the special glaze and even heat distribution, you can get everything out of your shisha tobacco with this shisha bowl. Economical shisha clay head with up to 10 g per head.
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